Ways to Prevent Data Corruption

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Data corruption happens when the code that is supposed to be read is unintentionally changed from its original form. That is basically what data corruption is, a change of data that is unintended. It can be a random event but there are certain tells which can help you identify if data corruption is indeed imminent or preventable. This article aims to help you prevent data corruption.

Data corruption is a kind of computer error that can be either software or hardware-related. It is actually tricky to pinpoint exactly what causes data corruption but there are ways to minimize your chances of experiencing one. While your chances of experiencing critical data corruption is not that high, you still need to safeguard yourself from it. You never know what havoc it would cause until you experience it firsthand. So, without further ado, here are the best ways to do to prevent data corruption.


Do backups

This is obviously the first choice and should come as a no-brainer. You should be doing backups of your important files when you can. If you update your files, update your backups too because you can never know when a data corruption will occur.

Some experts would suggest doing a double backup just in case the first backup fails. Again, this is because you never know. Hardware, even with all the quality control used in their production, are prone to random failures just like any equipment or machinery. It’s best if you come prepared if it comes your way.

Use cloud storage

If you want a backup that is accessible to you anytime and anywhere, you need to look into cloud storage. There are plenty of cloud storage to choose from and many of them are free. All you need is the internet and you’re basically in. Just create a quick cloud account then select a plan. If you have some big files that you want to backup, select a cloud storage package that fits your needs. Some big cloud storage may require monthly payments though so keep that in mind.

For the most part, free cloud storage is capped at 4-6 GB. If you have files bigger than that, then you definitely would need to subscribe to a plan.

Use reliable hardware

Sometimes, you can’t avoid hardware malfunction but there are certainly brands that have better quality compared to others. I won’t name the brands here (a quick search would show you their rating though). You may spend a little bit more but it is worth the extra security. If you want to truly have the peace of mind, buy quality equipment and your mind will be at ease.