Watch Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Perfectly Explain Quantum Computers


Canadian Prime Minister and part-time viral video star, Justin Trudeau surprised a space complete of researchers and reporters at Border Institute for Theoretical Physics by nailing a shortexplanation of quantum computing.

At an interview at the prominent theoretical physics organization on Friday, a reporter jokingly mentioned, I was going to ask you to discuss quantum computers, nevertheless and went on to ask about Canadas diplomacy on the so-called Islamic State.

Not thrown off by the ever-so-slightly ironical remark, Trudeau increased to the event and went on to provide an easy yet clear description of quantum computing, to which the room appeared withapplause.

Trudeau concluded his mini-lecture by stating, Do not get me going on this or well be here all the time. Believe me.

No doubt Trudeau has an ensemble of PR-types prepared to help him prepare for such issues, specifically if youre going to an institution understood for its handle quantum mechanics and computing (although having both beena mathematics instructor and studied engineering prior to ending up being PM more than likely aided). However lots of have actually applauded the clearness, self-esteem, and genuine interest displayed in answering the concern. And hi, as off-the-cuff descriptions go, its a decent one.

So, if the concept of quantum computer system systems still provides you a headache, here you go:

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