This Simple Hack Can Free Up Space On Your iPhone


iPhones slowly creeping to a standstill with a full memory seems like an inevitable part oflife. However, one tech-savvy Redditor has shared a way to free up some precious space, without the need to delete Candy Crush.

First up, its best to check how much memory you actually have left on your iPhone. You can find that by going into Settings,” then General,” then “Storage & iCloud Usage.”

The Reddit post by eavesdroppingyougoes on to explain: open up the iTunes app and find a movie to rent that has a file size larger than your remaining data. The bigger the file, the better. So wrack your brain for long films, preferably in HD quality. Once you tap Rent, youll get a message saying you dont have enough data to download the film along with two options saying OK and Settings. All you have to do then is simply click Settings.

If you then go back and check your data storage youll find your iPhone miraculously has more memory. This process can be repeated around four to five times.

Its a bit of a mystery whats behind this little trick. The Reddit post speculated that it could be deleting unnecessary cached data from other apps (data that is stored so future requests for that data can be served faster). However, one Redditor said he tracked where the freed up data was coming from, yet most of the cached data remained.

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