How To Recover Data From Corrupted Hard Drive


There is nothing worse, if you are using the computer for an important paper, pictures, or other material than to have everything crash. Gone are all the hours of work or pictures that seemingly cannot be recovered. Trying to open a file or recover data seems impossible. This is when you need to recover the hard drive.


It is not a surprise that many people use the computer and are not familiar with its mechanics. They simply know they can type in the information and it magically appears on the screen, following which it can be printed or sent to other people via e-mail or fax. When something goes wrong, and hard drive crashes, they call in a computer tech to make repairs. However, if this happens to you, it is usually possible to make this kind of repair yourself with the right tools. Almost every server and desktop computer has one or more hard-disk drives. Mainframes and supercomputers have hundreds involved, and they appear in VCR devices and camcorders as well.

Cause of hard drive damage

Corruption or damage to a hard drive can be caused by many things. A common cause is a virus infection. This infection is transmitted mainly by files having a virus being opened via such things as email or innocent looking messages. There are, unfortunately, people who get pleasure from creating and spreading this virus. That is why it is so important that you be careful in opening any email or other correspondence from an unknown person. Damage can also occur because of software failing, corruption of a file during a download, defects in the hard disk file system and many other things. When this happens, it is, fortunately, often possible to recover the lost files. This can be done from a recent computer backup or other methods that are available on many of the newer computer models that have Microsoft Word. See more.

Automatic backup

Microsoft Word is a word processing program that automatically backs up files with secondary files. Looking at the same file and changing to the secondary file will often allow a recovery by using MS Word. Once you have tried this, you will find it a rather simple method of recovery. Sometimes information is lost because of the bad installation of a disc. If it is suspected that this is the problem try using the System Restore tool on your computer. This will allow the computer to return to its normal working condition. In other words, the computer will return to its condition before installing the disc and erase any problem the disc caused.

There are numerous tools on the market that are especially designed to recover hard drive or fix a file. Because you may not know what file is damaged or how to identify it, there are excellent recovery tools available that can do this. These tools will not only tell you what is wrong, but even fragments of files can be repaired. It is simple to locate the kind of software needed by investigating the subject via the Internet. If you are a complete novice on the computer and do not want to try this type of file recovery, calling in a professional is the only way to go.


However, it is important that this ‘professional’ be well acquainted with the different tools that are available and knows how to use them to recover your files and make the necessary repairs of the hard drive. Learn more details at: