Data Recovery – What To Do When Dealing With Data Loss

data recovery

Your average computer user doesn’t really understand how data storage works. Most of them just know that if you press a save button, it will just store in something called a ‘hard drive.’ They don’t actually know the science behind it and they don’t really care. As long as they can retrieve their files when they need it, it is all well and good.

Unfortunately, many of us will encounter data loss at some point in our lives. Depending on the extent of the data loss, it can leave a lasting mark on our daily lives. If the data you lose is a big part of your business for instance, it can negatively impact the way you process your business. Point is, you really can’t predict the impact of a data loss on your life until you experience it yourself.

How to protect myself from data loss?

Unfortunately, there is not definite way to avoid data loss. You can safeguard your system and create several backups of your data but as far as 100% protect your data, there is no such thing. But as I’ve said, you can do many things to protect your data indefinitely. It just requires a bit of research and learning of a few tech terms and you are good to go.

The reason why you can’t protect yourself from data loss is you can never predict when one can happen. Just like a natural accident, it just sort of happen, sometimes without warning. Storage devices are operated by tiny devices that are sensitive. If any of those things fail, the result can be catastrophic.

The cost of data recovery

A good data recovery company will charge anywhere from $400 – $700 depending on the extend of the data loss. Most of data loss happen because of a certain damage to the file system. This is usual and the data inside can be recovered easily using tools and many programs. No physical repair is needed when doing a local data recovery.

Physical data recoveries on the other hand, can be priced all over the place. It depends on the company and the extent of the damage. A physical data recovery will require the hard drive to undergo some physical repairs first before any kind of logical data recovery can take place. This is one of the main reasons why their pricing is all over the place. Even then, some hard drives are damaged beyond repair that only a fraction of the data can be recovered. This kind of data recovery work is a bit more sensitive so it’s recommended that you hire someone you truly trust.

DIY data recovery

If you suspect that your hard drive is failing, there are things you can do on your own to prevent data loss. First off, you need to create a data backup. You need to make sure that you get all the important files so when the hard drive fails completely, you still have all the important data.

Another thing you can do when facing data loss is by installing data recovery programs. You can find many programs that can recover data at a reasonable success rate. You can try several programs to see which one is best suited for your needs.